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Mochilas Wayuu from Colombia

At Ka’i Wayuu we sell Mochilas Wayuu– beautiful, handmade pieces of art that the majority of Wayuu women dedicate their lives to.  With vivid geometric prints and colors representing symbols of Wayuú mythology, each bag is intricately crocheted to showcase the creativity and spirituality of the artist who created it. We work with the Wayuu women of la Guajira, Colombia and help them reach shoppers globally whom they wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise.

The Wayuu community lack the basic necessities of life such as potable water, electricity or even sufficient food. However, by purchasing a bag, you can help the Wayuu People. We work directly with a group of 15 women to maximize the benefit received by each artist.  Although the plight of the Wayuu People is far beyond what a small business such as Ka’i Wayuu can provide, it is our goal to raise awareness of the struggles the Wayuu face and to grow sustainably so that we may help as many Wayuu Artisans as possible.

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Wayuu Women - Artists behind the Mochilas Wayuu
Wayuu Women from La Guajira, Colombia

Mochilas Wayuu

These handmade Wayuu mochilas from the indigenous Wayuu People are unique and extremely well crafted bags. The Wayuu who live in la Guajira, Colombia, typically work independently or in small groups creating these bags. This bag is tightly woven by two strands of thread, taking as many as 20 days to crochet.

These bags are great for going to the beach or pool, shopping, going to the gym, a night out or any other place you want to express your individuality. They are lightweight, stylish, durable and a great way to show off your individuality. All of our bags are 100% authentic, handmade bags from the Wayuu Indigenous people of Colombia. With your purchase, you are directly supporting the Wayuu community.

Wayuu Mochilas Details:

-Materials: 100% Cotton
-Technique: Crochet
-Style: Crossbody or Shoulder bag
-Dimensions (for regular size): 9″ W x 11″H; 20″ strap drop. Please note: Measurements are approximates.
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