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Ka'i Wayuu

It seemed almost every person in Colombia has at least one Wayuu Mochila Bag. It wasn’t until traveling to the source of where these bags are made that we realized the true magic put into the making of them. We became fascinated with the Wayuu culture and their resilience to remain true to their cultural heritage and maintain their ancestral traditions. At the same time, we were shocked by the living conditions of the community and the lack of basic necessities most people take for granted.

Since making our first trip to the Guajira we have been determined to help the Wayuu community reach a wider audience than just the tourists visiting the region. Zulma, a Colombian native, works directly with the Wayuu community to produce the bags we offer to our clients. Whether it is helping them to figure out how to implement buckles on the Wayuu straps to create belts or packing an entire outfit to better sell each individual component, her focus is to help the Wayuu better market and sell their products.

The Wayuu are a community that live in extreme poverty. They do not have many of the basic necessities of life such as potable water, electricity or even sufficient food. However, your purchase of a bag directly benefits the Wayuu people. It is our goal to grow so that we may help as many Wayuu Artisans as possible. We are also striving to get as close to the source as possible to maximize the benefit received by each artist.

In a world dominated by clothing and accessories produced in large factories with inhumane working conditions that exploit the worker, we want to offer an alternative that can make any buyer proud of the product they are purchasing and confident the producer is receiving their fair share.  We follow fair-trade principles that enhance the women and community we work with.

Although today the reality of the Wayuu’s living conditions are poor at best, we hope to help them produce a better tomorrow.