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Fair Trade

Fair Trade Principles of Ka'i Wayuu

Although we are not yet fair trade certified, we are working towards receiving this certification and uphold the following fair trade principles:

  • We create additional economic opportunities for the Wayuu Community. Our goal is to help them reach as many prospective buyers as possible to directly support their livelihoods.
  • We work directly with these talented artists to create products that will be more attractive to a wider audience while staying true to cultural traditions.
  • We inform our buyers about the Wayuu communities and what makes them such a unique group of people.
  • We pay our artists upfront and in full before even receiving the crafts.
  • We do not support the use of child labor in the making of these bags. However, we do respect the traditions of the Wayuu, which require Wayuu girls to learn the art of crochet at an early age.
  • We celebrate the cultural diversity of the Wayuu and seek to maintain the authenticity and traditions that go into their artwork.
  • We are Eco-friendly and use natural materials processed in non-harmful ways to the environment with little to no use of electrically powered machinery.